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Surface treatment specialist

Thanks to its subsidiaries (CTS, TSM) the CTS group is able to perform aesthetical and resistive treatments on plastic and metal parts. The mixing of several technologies at his disposal allows the group to propose differentiative and trustable solutions, up to the deposit of brands of treatments.

French manufacturer of tools and precision components

The know-how of its subsidiary UNT allows the group CTS to realize tools destinated to the building of metallic precision components. The use of our skills on technologies such as stamping, welding, electro-erosion with thin wire or tribofinishing, make us able to obtain high quality components for the luxury markets.

  • Mobilize optimal skills in creation.

  • Look for a high quality.

  • Get closer to your markets and your products.

  • Propose technologies in adequation with your project.

  • Develop innovative process and service.

  • Reinforce our follow up.

  • Ensure production and cost control.

Our Requirements

Constantly upgrade our service level (ISO 9000) Ensure the respect of people and planet (ISO 14000). Choose cutting edge industrial performance to serve sustainable development.